What is AlertHelper ?

AlertHelper is a FREE program for Win, Mac and Linux that helps users of the online bridge site BBO to enter chat box messages and add bid alert text quickly.

To install - Mac and Linux download the .zip file from the table below. Unzip it and follow the instructions.

Windows download the .exe and run it as is normal for Windows systems.

For videos See AlertHelper on YouTube <<< Click the link

To Download

Click on one of the two files in the table below. MAC and Linux want the .zip file, Windows users require the .exe file.

Click the blue Download button (center of the new dark window).

Please be patient - it will take a LONG time just to START the download.

If you don't trust this app (or ANY software) don't download it. If you do trust this app because you have used it before or you know me or you trust someone who uses it then thank you for you trust.

Windows users may need to click the SMALL More info link see the RED digit 1 above. This will make the Run anyway button show so you can click it.

Do enjoy your bridge